Dark Funeral T Shirts

Dark Funeral T ShirtGenre: Black Metal

The black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden was formed in the year 1993 by guitarists Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman. They are considered to be one such band which flourished in Sweden during the second wave of black metal.

The band is known for using satanic and anti-Christianity themes in their lyrics. Their earlier work often bears testimony to the fact that the band members were highly inspired by descriptions of Hell and Satan and frequently used such themes in their work.

Originally the band was formed by guitarist David Parland and guitarist Lord Ahriman however the band completed their line up soon with the inclusion of drummer Draugen and bassist/vocalist Themgoroth.

Dark Funeral came up with their eponymous and self financed debut album which was recorded in the year 1994. The band released their album on the same day when they performed their first gig on May 4.

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