Danzig T Shirts

Danzig T ShirtGenre: Heavy metal, hard rock, blues rock, doom metal, gothic metal

The band is considered as a music outlet in the career of singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig. The band happened as a third stage in the entire music career of Glen Danzig. Earlier Glenn had been a part of horror punk bands like The Misfits and Samhain.

The American heavy metal band was formed in the year 1987 in Lodi, New Jersey. Samhain performed their final show in 1986 after which they decided to form a new band on the surname of Glenn by taking the advice of Rick Rubin. Rick Rubin signed the band under his newly formed record label named ‘Def American’.

Under Def American, Danzig released their eponymous debut album in 1988 which became a huge hit owing to the band’s popularity. Danzig went on releasing nine studio albums and did many live gigs and tours in the following years.

The band’s latest and ninth album titled ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’ was released in the year 2010.

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