Cathedral T Shirts

Cathedral T ShirtGenre: Doom metal, stoner metal, heavy metal

The doom metal band hails from Coventry, England and was founded in the year 1989. Cathedral are famous for creating a bridge between early doom metal genre and extreme metal of the 90s. They came up with their debut album titled ‘Forest of Equilibrium’ in the year 1991 which bears testimony to their unique doom metal and extreme metal fusion.

Cathedral decided to bring changes to their doom style which became apparent with their future albums. The band decided to disband with their final album released in 2012 titled ‘The Last Spire’.

The music of Cathedral was first launched with the aid of ‘Rise Above Records’ after which they signed Earache and Columbia labels. Columbia however dropped them in the year 1994 forcing them to continue with Earache record label. In 2004 the band signed a contract with their current label ‘Nuclear Blast’.

Hitherto, Cathedral has released nine full length albums and has toured extensively for almost three decades.

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