Carcass T Shirts

Carcass T ShirtGenre: Grindcore, goregrind, death metal, melodic death metal

The extreme metal band from Liverpool was formed in the year 1985. Carcass disbanded in the year 1995 after producing hits for a decade. The band reunited later in the year 2007, although they continued without one of their original member, drummer Ken Owen, owing to health related issues.

Carcass is regarded as the pioneers of grindcore genre however their early work reflect the use of spatter death metal, goregrind and hardgore. The band is also known for their morbid and formidable lyrics and album covers. Carcass also became the pioneer of the subgenre known as melodic death metal with the aid of their album titled ‘Heartwork’ released in the year 1993.

The formation of the band happened as a D-beat band with the members Bill Steer as the guitarist and Ken Owen as the drummer. They were earlier called as Disattack. ‘Reek of Putrefaction’ was the band’s debut album after which they went on to release 4 more studio albums which gained worldwide recognition.

Carcass finally disbanded in 1995.

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