Built To Spill

Built to Spill T ShirtGenre: Indie rock

The band Built to Spill is an American indie rock band which was formed in the year 1992 in Boise, Idaho. The band has released seven full length albums so far. Built to Spill has also released around 5 EPs and 3 compilations and live albums and around 14 singles.

The band was formed by former Treepeople guitarist/vocalist Doug Martsch with guitarist/vocalist Brett Netson and drummer Ralf Youtz.

The band released their debut album titled ‘Ultimate Alternate Wavers’ which was released in the year 1993. Both Netson and Youtz were replaced by Brett Nelson and Andy Capps after their debut album was released. The band went on to release their second venture titled ‘There’s Nothing Wrong with Love’.

Built to Spill signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1995. Their first major label release happened with ‘Perfect from Now On’. The band made it to the charts for the first time with the aid of their album titled ‘Keep It Like a Secret’ which was released in 1999. Their future releases became even more successful.

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