Bruce Springsteen T Shirts

Bruce Springsteen T ShirtGenre: Rock, folk rock, heartland rock, hard rock, roots rock

Few in the world celebrate such a brilliant and an amazing successful career and status as Bruce Springsteen.

The American singer-songwriter-performer is known for using Americana sentiments as well as poetic approach in his lyrics. The music genre preferred by Bruce is heartland rock, folk rock and hard rock.

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was a big fan of Elvis Presley right from his childhood. In 1965, Bruce became a lead guitarist and lead singer of the band named ‘The Castiles’. He earned the nickname ‘The Boss’ during the 1960s when he used to perform in a power trio named ‘The Earth’. Later Bruce formed the band E Street however it became famous with that name after many years.

Bruce was able to sign a record deal in the year 1972 with Columbia Records and came up with his first debut album titled ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.’. Although the sales were low, the music was widely appreciated by the critics. Ever since that Bruce’s major albums have charted in a consistent manner on the Billboard 200 and have peaked at #1 several times.

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