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Genre: Hardcore punk, Metalcore

The Dutch hardcore band is from Oostelijke, Mijnstreek. Born From Pain was formed in the year 1997, and the band grew up in the musical environment of the 80s. They are very famous for their high adrenaline performances and are known for their energetic live gigs. The band is also popular for touring excessively.

Born From Pain came up with their EP titled ‘Immortality’ in the year 1999. The debut studio album of the band titled ‘Reclaiming the Crown’ happened in the year 2002 after which the band gained popularity with the help of various support and headline shows. The year 2003 saw the release of the band’s third studio album titled ‘Sands of Time’. The album helped the band to gain worldwide critical acclaim. The latest album of the band titled ‘Survival’ was released in the year 2008.

Songs of the band like ‘Rise or Die’, ‘Sons of a Dying World’ and ‘Stop at Nothing’ are very popular.

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