Blur T Shirts

Blur T ShirtGenre: Alternative rock, Britpop, indie rock

The famous English alternative rock band was formed in the year 1989. They were originally called as Seymour however the band changed their name to ‘Blur’ in 1990.

The band made a change in their styles after their first album and came up with ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ in 1993, ‘Parklife’ in 1994 and ‘The Great Escape’ in 1995 which became very popular worldwide. The band was compared with rival band Oasis owing to their Britpop genre.

‘Song 2’, a single from ‘Blur’ released in 1997 which incorporated lo-fi style of American indie rock groups, brought the band into the limelight in US. The band experimented with electronic music in their next venture titled ‘13’ released in 1999.
Blur has won various awards too which has helped them to mark their foundation in the music industry as one of the finest alternative rock bands. The band took a hiatus after their final venture together titled ‘Think Tank’ released in the year 2003 owing to the departure of their lead guitarist Coxon.

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