Bloodbath T Shirts

Bloodbath T ShirtGenre: Death Metal

The Swedish death metal supergroup was formed in the year 1998 in Stockholm. The current members of the band are vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt, guitarist Anders Nystrom, bassist Jonas Renkse, drummer Martin Axenrot and guitarist Per Eriksson.

The band released their first EP titled ‘Breeding Death’ in 2000. Their debut album entitled ‘Resurrection Through Carnage’ was released two years later. The band became really popular owing to the supergroup members. Every member already had their individual fan following which helped in expanding the fan base.

The band came up with their second album titled ‘Nightmares Made Flesh’ in 2004. Their next venture was an EP released in the year 2008 titled ‘Unblessing the Purity’. The same year the band came up with a live CD/DVD titled ‘The Wacken Carnage’. The band went on to release their third full length album named ‘The Fathomless Mastery’ in October.
The band’s latest venture is a live DVD released in 2011 titled ‘Bloodbath Over Bloodstock’.

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