Blood Red Throne T Shirts

Blood Red Throne T ShirtGenre: Death metal

The death metal band hails from Kristiansand, Norway formed by guitarists Dod (Daniel Olaisen) and Tchort (Terje Vik Schei). Blood Red Throne was formed in the year 1998 when both Dod and Tchort, who were then playing for the band Satyricon, decided to form their own band to manifest their passion and love for death metal. Both of them were great fans of the genre which lead to the birth of ‘Blood Red Throne’.

The band included a very skilled drummer named Freddy Bolso. Their line-up was completed with the inclusion of bassist Erlend Casperson. The band made their first demo with the aid of vocalist Ronni Thorsen of ‘Trail of Tears’ titled ‘Deathmix 2000’. The demo became so popular that the band went on to release their first album named ‘Monument of Death’ through Hammerheart Records in 2001. Later the band released an EP titled ‘A Taste for Blood’ in 2002.

The band has released 6 studio albums hitherto which have gained a lot of positive response.

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