Black Tide T Shirts

Black Tide T ShirtGenre: Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, Metalcore

The American heavy metal band consists of Gabriel Garcia as the lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Zakk Sandler as the bassist and backing vocals, Steven Spence on the drums and Austin Diaz as the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. The band is currently signed to Interscope Records label.

Black Tide was formed in the year 2004 in Miami, Florida. Originally the band was called as ‘Radio’. The band was created by Gabriel Garcia and his older brother Raul Garcia when they were quite young. Nunez, Spence and Sandler were recruited after the departure of Raul Garcia from the group.

Earlier the band played locally and managed to capture eyeballs of record labels owing to their young age and talent. In 2005 the band signed a demo deal with Atlantic Records as Radio. The deal lasted a year after which the band was noticed by Interscope Records which signed them as Black Tide in 2007.

Gabriel Garcia was just 15 years old when the band released their debut album titled ‘Light from Above’ in the year 2008.

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