Genre: Heavy metal, hardcore punk, rap metal
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Biohazard stands as probably the first of their kind to fuse heavy metal and hardcore punk with hip hop elements. The band was formed in the year 1987 in Brooklyn, New York.
The first demo of the band was released in the year 1988 which at once came under the scrutiny of journalists owing to the racial and fascist lyrics used in the songs. A second demo tape followed in the year of 1989 which failed to gather much heat.

Biohazard signed a recording contract with Maze Records in 1990 however the self titled debut album of the band was poorly promoted by the label which managed to sell only 40000 copies. The band switched to Roadrunner Records in the year 1992 and released their second album titled ‘Urban Discipline’ which brought them into the limelight. The band gained worldwide recognition in the heavy metal and hardcore communities as well.

The American band was temporarily disbanded in the year 2006 although they reunited in 2008 and produced their ninth studio album titled ‘Reborn in Defiance’ in 2012.