Genre: Blackened death metal, black metal
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The Polish blackened death metal band was formed in the year 1991 and hails from Gdansk. They are considered one of the pioneers who established Polish extreme metal underground.

Behemoth earlier used to play a traditional black metal style which entailed heathen lyrics however the lead vocalist Nergal soon started experimenting with occult and thelemic themes which earned the band an amazing response from the public.
Behemoth came up with Satanica in the year 1999 which helped them to carve their niche in the blackened death metal genre. Although many times the band has been labeled as death metal, black metal and thrash-influenced lead vocalist Nergal has showed his disapproval for branding a band with labels.

The current members of the band are Nergal, who also happens to be the original member, drummer Inferno, bass guitarist/backing vocalist Orion and guitarist/backing vocalist Seth.

Their album ‘Evangelion’ released in the year 2009 won the Fryderyk award for the best heavy metal album of the year.