Genre: Post-punk, gothic rock
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The English rock band was formed in the year 1978 in Northampton. Bauhaus celebrated their golden times during their active years which ranged from 1978-1983 after which they disbanded. The band reunited for a tour in 1998 and then in 2005 however they parted ways after their latest album titled ‘Go Away White’ was released.

The band was originally called as Bauhaus 1919. However they dropped the numerical part within a year of their formation. The members of the group consisted of vocalist Peter Murphy, guitarist Daniel Ash, drummer Kevin Haskins and bassist David J.

The band became famous as the pioneer of gothic rock due to their dark and gloomy music. Bauhaus produced their debut album in the year 1980 titled ‘In the Flat Field’ which was followed by ‘Mask’ in 1981. The band released two more albums titled ‘The Sky’s Gone Out’ in 1982 and ‘Burning from the Inside’ in 1983 before disbanding for the first time. Their final venture was ‘Go Away White’ which was released in 2008.