Bal Sagoth

Genre: Symphonic black metal
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The symphonic black metal band, Bal Sagoth, hails from Yorkshire, England, and was founded in the year 1993. Bal Sagoth was formed as an epic/symphonic black metal band with their music exploring strong death elements. The name of the band has been taken from the short story titled ‘The Gods of Bal-Sagoth’ written by Robert E. Howard. They’re also famous for incorporating themes and lyrics from the fantasy world.

Bal Sagoth recorded their first demo in the year 1993. Ever since that, the band has released three albums under Cacophonous Records and three with Nuclear Blast.

Bal Sagoth was originally formed by vocalist and lyricist Byron Roberts. The band was able to record their first debut album titled ‘A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria’ in the year 1994 however the album was released in 1995 due to label problems.

The latest album of the band titled ‘The Chthonic Chronicles’ was released in the year 2006 through Nuclear Blast.

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