At The Gates

Genre: Death metal, Melodic death metal
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The extreme metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden faced various ups and downs in their career. At the Gates was active from 1990 to 1996 before breaking up in 1996. The band reunited in 2007 for a reunion tour although it didn’t last long either. It was only until 2010 that the band decided to reunite once again however there are hardly any plans of the band to record new work or even to tour.

The debut EP of ‘At the Gates’ was ‘Gardens of Grief’ which was recorded for the Dolores record label in the year 1991. The band is also known for promoting their music by selling cassettes, vinyl, t-shirts in their early years. The band’s debut full-length album was ‘The Red in the Sky Is Ours’ released in 1992 which became really famous owing to their eclectic style.

Earlier the band used to focus on death metal genre although they shifted towards melodic death metal in their final works.