Genre: Metalcore, mathcore, post-hardcore, melodic hardcore
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The English metalcore band hails from Brighton, England and was formed in the year 2004. The current band members comprise of guitarist Tom Searle, lead vocalist Sam Carter, guitarist Tim Hillier-Brook, drummer and percussionist Dan Searle and bass guitarist Alex Dean.

Architects released their debut album named ‘Nightmares’ in the year 2006. Various tours followed after their first album under the label ‘In At The Deep End Records and Distort Entertainment’. European tour followed which helped the band to increase their fan base. The band promoted their music with various UK and European tours.

The success of the band was gradual. The second album of the band titled ‘Ruin’ was released in the year 2007. However it was only when they were signed to Century Media Records that they got a real breakthrough with their album ‘Hollow Crown’ which was released in 2009. ‘The Here and Now’ album released in 2011 peaked at #57 in UK charts is the band’s biggest achievement.