Genre: Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal
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The American heavy metal band hails from New York City and was formed in the year 1981. The band was founded by renowned guitarists Scott Ian and Danny Lilker. The band’s name has been inspired from the disease of the same name which was searched by the two in a Biology textbook. They say that the name sounded sufficiently evil to them just like the disease and hence they decided to go with it.

The initial line-up entailed drummer Dave Weiss and bassist Kenny Kushner however Kushner was soon replaced by Paul Kahn. Even Paul Kahn was ousted which made Lilker to do the job of bassist in the band.

The band recorded their first album named ‘Fistful of Metal’ in late 1983 which was followed by a US tour in 1984. Lilker left Anthrax owing to tensions between him and the rest and parted ways. Frank Bello replaced him afterwards. He is still a crucial member of the band. The band went on releasing around 10 albums many of which are still played everywhere. Various ups and downs were seen in the lineups although Scott Ian’s consistent performance as guitarist is still widely appreciated.