Alice Cooper

Genre: Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, shock rock
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“Your cruel device. Your blood like ice. One look could kill. My pain, your thrill.”
The above lines of the hit single ‘Poison’ always manages to drive us crazy. ‘Poison’ happens to be a song of album named ‘Trash’. The song boasts of reaching #2 in UK charts and #7 in US when it was released.

Alice Cooper is an American rock singer, musician and a songwriter who has a long active career of around 40 years. He is famous for his grand theatrics on stage shows. Unique stage performances which entailed gothic and horrible features have always been the signature style of Alice Cooper. Electric chairs, fake bloods, boa constrictors, guillotines and baby dolls inspired from horror movies and spooky flicks were always used to shock the people. Alice is the pioneer of theatrics, horror and violence manifested through heavy metal which is strictly designed to amaze and surprise the spectators.