Genre: Post-hardcore, melodic hardcore
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Alexisonfire, which is pronounced as Alexis-on-Fire, is a post-hardcore band which consists of five members. The five-piece band included vocalist George Pettit, guitarist, pianist and vocalist Dallas Green, guitarist and vocalist Wade MacNeil, bassist Chris Steele and drummer Jordan Hastings. Alexisonfire were formed in the year 2001 in St.Catharines, Ontario in Canada.

The description that is imparted by them for their music is that their music sounds like two Catholic high-school girls having a knife fight. In late 2001, they earned a gold certification from the critics in Canada for their unique self-titled debut album.

Three more studio albums followed making their band a huge success in the market worldwide. ‘Watch Out’ released in 2004, ‘Crisis’ in 2006 and ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’ in 2009 received platinum certification at the time of their release.
The band broke up in the year 2011 due to various personal issues. The break up was not amicable although Alexisonfire have announced celebrating their tenth anniversary with a series of releases.