Genre: Hard rock, heavy metal
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The Australian hard rock band was formed by Joel O’Keeffe and his younger brother Ryan O’Keeffe in the year 2001 in Warrnambool.

The main stay members of the band are lead vocalist and guitarist Joel O’Keeffe, drummer Ryan O’Keeffe and rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist David Roads. Justin Street later joined them in the year 2004 as a bass guitarist replacing Adam Jacobson from the band.

Airbourne are considered to be one of the most successful bands as right from the beginning of their career they have been very successful. When their debut album named Runnin’ Wild was released for the first time in 2007 it peaked in the top 30 on ARIA album chart and also made it to the US Billboard and UK charts. Airbourne’s second album named ‘No Guts. No Glory.’ too managed to reach top 20 on ARIA and top 40 in UK charts. The band has done two EPs and 6 singles as well which have earned them worldwide recognition.