5 of the World’s Greatest Electronic Music Festivals

Electronic music festivals have arguably replaced the old rock n’ roll concerts in terms of appeal to the majority young people today. Artists like Daft Punk, David Guetta, Skrillex and others have amassed immense popularity with their music evoking strong emotion and the strong desire to dance. This guide will discuss 5 of the most renowned music festivals at least one of which should be on your bucket list.

5 of the Worlds Greatest Electronic Music Festivals


One of the more well known and popular festivals, Creamfields’ star line up attracts thousands each year who come to listen, dance and appreciate electronic music. Originally founded in the UK, Creamfields festivals have spread across the globe to over 20 countries. Though all based on the brand ‘Cream’, a very famous nightclub in the UK, each country’s festival is independently organised and varies in term of style and production. That being said the artists that feature at these festivals often appear in most countries and provide a similar if not the same the experience.

Boom Festival

If you enjoy electronic music and also enjoy culture, visit the Boom Festival in Portugal to get a bit of both worlds. After some listening and dancing to what independent artists have to offer, you can see sculptures, paintings, cinema, theatre and other artistic creations. Attracting over 30,000 people from around the world, this festival is on this list because although it doesn’t often feature famous artists, sometimes independent creations and artists can give you something unexpectedly wonderful. This festival also provides a slightly more culturally refined experience.

5 of the Worlds Greatest Electronic Music Festivals

Global Gathering

Held in the UK, this is regarded as an essential festival for, not only any dedicated electronic music fan, but anyone at all. The two day festival features house and trance and attracts over 250,000 thousand people a year – making it one of the biggest festivals in the world. If you like the ambience and atmosphere of being part of something great, as well as dancing and enjoying some of the best music in the world while watching artists on some of the best LED screens on the world, this is a must.


Held in various countries throughout the year, this festival begins its tour in Amsterdam every year. This festival is famous for its amazing visual displays as well as musical showcases. Acrobats, light shows and fireworks all feature as some of the festivals main attractions as well as the white dress code.

Mystery Land

The oldest dance festival in Holland and possibly the world, it’s been held every year since 1993. It also features some artwork but this time by famous artists like Dadara. The line up is great and it is an iconic music festival. For the first time ever, it will travel outside of Holland in 2012.

About the author: Adrian Rodriguez is a university student and freelance writer who is very familiar with Sydney accommodation as he often attends the Creamfields Australia and Stereosonic music festivals.