5 Great Mod Bands

Mod music is something we all associate with the cool youth of the 1960s as well as cool brands such as Ben Sherman and other quintessentially English makes. There was something vibrant and crazy about the whole era and it managed to continue and spiral onwards an upwards in continuing decades. So, after all of these years, who were our favourite Mod bands?

The Who

How can anyone not place The Who in their top mod bands? Roger Daltry and co have created some of the greatest rock and pop tunes of the last century, with classics such as My Generation and others rolling off their guitars. From the windmill of Pete Townsend to the drumming and explosions of Keith Moon, The Who really was the Mod band of the day. Their sharp haircuts, great clothing and utilisation of brands such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman really allowed them to create that cool others didn’t have.

The Kinks

Another excellent Mod based band and one with an amazing catalogue of songs, which includes the likes of Lola and A Dedicated Follower of Fashion, written about the Ben Sherman wearing masses they were part of. The Davies brothers and the rest really created some of the greatest and most memorable pop songs of the 1960s and 1970s and there really was a certain feel about them that could be nothing else but British.

The Jam

The Mod Father himself, Paul Weller created many of the styles, looks and much of the charm that we associate with the whole music scene of the era. He went on and then created the likes of Style Council, before going solo himself. The Jam created some of the most quintessential Mod music of all with Going Underground being a firm favourite of many. Paul Wellers haircut and amazingly sharp suits, as well as his tendency to wear English clothing and tailoring like Ben Sherman and others really impressed the style area of Mod music on people.

The Small Faces

With members such as Rod Stewart and Ron Wood in their line-up, The Small Faces were a hell of a team and had some fantastic musicians in place to create some create tunes. Stewart went solo afterwards and Wood joined the Rolling Stones – a little known band from London. Songs such as Tin Soldier and others really are favourites among the lovers of Mod music still and showcase the bans longevity. That said Ron Wood and Rod Stewart are still going strong too, so they must have been doing something right.

The Beatles

Though not primarily a Mod Band, songs such as Got to Get you into my Life among others really showed The Beatles to have certain mod influences in their sound. This and their hair cuts are all part and parcel of the style of the time, though we never saw John Lennon wear anything from Ben Sherman.


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