Earth Crisis T Shirts

Earth Crisis T ShirtGenre: Metalcore, hardcore punk

The American metal band hails from Syracuse, New York. The band’s active years have been since their formation in the year 1989 till 2001 after which the band disbanded to reunite again in 2007.

The band came up with their first EP titled ‘All Out War’ in the year 1992 which helped the band to carve their niche in hardcore punk and metalcore genres. Their first full length record titled ‘Destroy the Machines’ was released in the year 1995 under Victory Records. The band earned a great fan base owing to various tours which followed the album.

They came up with a more complex form of metalcore with the release of ‘Gomorrah’s Season Ends’ in the year 1996. They were signed by Roadrunner Records which saw their 1998 release ‘Breed the Killers’.

The band is also popular for promoting vegan lifestyle and supporting animal rights. The latest work of Earth Crisis ‘Neutralize the Threat’ was released on July 12, 2011 under Century Media record label.

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