Demon Hunter T Shirts

Demon Hunter T ShirtGenre: Metalcore, alternative metal, Christian metal, nu metal

The American heavy metal band was formed in Seattle, Washington. Demon Hunter began as a project band by brothers Ryan Clark and Don Clark. The lead vocalist Ryan Clark has so far consistently stayed with the band ever since its formation.

Don Clark left the band in 2009 to take care of his family and pursue a graphic designer career however the band still continues to play and has been very successful so far.

The band came up with their eponymous album in the year 2002 under Solid State Records. All the songs were written by the Clark brothers. Several tours followed for promotion of their music with the help of which the band was able to earn a good fan base.

The band made it to the charts with their third album ‘The Triptych’ released in 2005 through Solid State Records. The members of the band being Christians are often expressive of their love for Jesus in their lyrics.

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