Dark Tranquility T Shirts

Dark Tranquility T ShirtsGenre: Melodic death metal

The Swedish melodic metal death band hails from Gothenburg. They are considered to be one of the longest standing bands from the Gothenburg metal scene and were formed in the year 1989. People claim that melodic death metal genre was first observed in the music of Dark Tranquility. Hence the band is considered to be the pioneer of melodic death metal.

Originally the band was called ‘Septic Broiler’ which was formed by vocalist and guitarist Mikael Stanne and guitarist Niklas Sundin. The line up of the band saw few more additions with vocalist Anders Friden, drummer Anders Jivarp and bassist Martin Henriksson.

The band recorded a demo in 1990 titled ‘Enfeebled Earth’ and was followed by many demos. Their debut album titled ‘Skydancer’ was released in the year 1993. The band has released around 9 studio albums so far.

The current members of the band including Mikael, Martin, Anders Jivarp and Niklas are bassist Daniel Antonsson and keyboardist Martin Brandstrom.

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