Between The Buried And Me

Genre: Progressive metal, metalcore, death metal
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Between the Buried and Me is an American heavy metal band which hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band was formed in the year 2000 by vocalist Tommy Rogers, drummer Will Goodyear, guitarists Paul Waggoner and Nick Fletcher and bassist Jason King.

The name of the band ‘Between the Buried and Me’ has been derived from the lyrics of Ghost Train which happens to be a Counting Crows song. The first release of the band was a three-song demo which was released with their self titled album through Lifeforce Records in the year 2002.

The band saw various replacements till 2004 although Tommy Rogers and Paul Waggoner remained consistently in the band. Ever since 2004, the band has retained bass guitarist Dan Briggs, drummer Blake Richardson and rhythm guitarist Dustie Waring along with Tommy and Paul.

The band has released around five studio albums, a cover album, a live DVD and an EP so far.